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A concrete patio is a perfect space for entertaining friends, grilling with family, and simply enjoying the outdoors during beautiful weather. And Bergen County area residents know this very well—which is why so many homes exhibit stunning patios in their backyards. What about you? Have you dreamed of installing a new concrete patio, but not sure where to start?

If so, Tribeca Masonry is here to help—throughout Bergen, Essex, Morris, and Union Counties! At Tribeca Masonry, we offer complete concrete patio installation guaranteed to spice up your curb appeal and increase your property value. Our patio contractors will transform your backyard into your very own outdoor oasis—and we’ll do it on a budget that fits your wallet.

Six Reasons to Install a Concrete Patio

Need some additional convincing on why you should take the plunge and forge ahead with a new patio installation? Say no more. Today’s concrete offers a multitude of benefits and rewards. Here are six reasons we think we’ll have you saying “yes to the patio” in no time.

  1. It’s durable.

Outdoor stone patio in Bergen CountyConcrete patios are incredibly durable and can hold up against all kinds of extreme weather. Plus, our patio contractors take extra precautions to ensure your patio will be durable for years to come.

  1. It is easily maintained.

Concrete is an incredibly adaptable substance that can be transformed to look like brick, tile, stone, and more. Plus, it’s super easy to maintain.

  1. It’s environmentally friendly.

Eliminate the need for wood deck stains and sealers that get absorbed into the environment. Instead, install concrete!

  1. It will improve your property.

A new patio will enhance your curb appeal and boost your property value.

  1. It celebrates your originality.

Concrete has come a long way since the days of dull, gray slabs. Today, homeowners can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes. So your entertaining space will never look like your neighbors! Your space will be uniquely you!

  1. It’s affordable.

Affordability is every homeowner’s dream. We can help you accomplish concrete patio installation on a budget!

Beautiful Options for Your Dream Patio

Our patio contractors are highly experienced in installing all kinds of concrete patios. Two of our most popular types include bluestone and flagstone concrete. Here are our brief descriptions of both:


Flagstone is a type of paving material that can create a fabulous patio look. It is a natural stone that comes in many earthy colors and tones. Its rich texture allows it to be split into stone layers for the perfect look, making it a popular option for patio installations.


Bluestone, a type of flagstone, is a sedimentary rock that usually has a fine-grained, textured surface. It comes in a range of beautiful colors, including dark blues, greens, and grays—making it extremely popular for landscaping designs.

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Our patio contractors would love nothing more than to make your hardscaping wishes come true. If you’re ready to upgrade your property by installing a beautiful new concrete patio in Bergen County, Essex County, Union County, or Morris County, NJ, give our masonry experts a call. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and are happy to provide a free quote from one of our professionals. Call us today at 973.513.2937!

In addition to outdoor kitchen island installations, we also provide our customers with:


Do you have questions about patios or patio installation? We’ve compiled our most popular Q&As right here.

Q: Can you lay pavers directly on dirt?

No. You should not even think about laying pavers on clay grounds. Clay ground will shift and settle over time. We lay crushed stone or quarry process stone before laying pavers.

Q: What do you use as a base for pavers?

We use crushed stone or quarry process stone as our base when laying pavers.

Q: How deep do you have to dig for pavers?

It depends on the purpose of the pavers. For sidewalks and patios, the paver base is about 4 inches. For driveways, it’s about 8 inches—depending on soil conditions.

Q: What do you put under pavers to prevent weeds?

We recommend a layer of landscape fabric after the area is compacted but before the base is laid.

Q: What do you put between bluestone pavers?

We use polymeric sand. This is a granular sand material that is placed within the cracks and joints between stone pavers. It is used to interlock the units and preserve the beauty and integrity of the pavers.

Q: Is bluestone slippery when wet?

No. Bluestone’s natural stone and texture adds to its toughness and prevents it from becoming slippery.

Q: Does adding a patio increase home value?

Yes! According to, a landscaped patio raises the value of your home by 12.4 percent.