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How Building a New Garage Can Boost Your Home’s Value

Homeowners with space to spare on their property have options available to them. Utilizing their area to the best of their ability requires planning and knowing what kind of structures make the most sense for your property. In most cases, building a brand new garage can boost your home’s curb appeal, value and change the way you handle storage throughout your home.

How Can a New Garage Boost Your Home's Value?

Improved Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking to sell your home within the next year, or want to stick it out for the long haul, improving your home’s curb appeal is something you should always focus on as a homeowner. While giving your home a fresh coat of paint and trimming the hedges can provide you that boost, adding functionality in the form of a garage can have a more immediate impact. 

Having the professionals at Tribeca Masonry come out and handle your Bergen County home’s new garage construction means you can have a beautifully built garage up and running in no time. You get added storage space to get the things you may have lying around because you don’t have a dedicated home for them and clear up some of the clutter in and around your home. 

Building and organizing your new garage can also make you the talk of the neighborhood and have your neighbors feeling envious!

Increased Home Value with a New Garage

Intrinsically tied to curb appeal, your home’s value is determined by a wide range of factors that can affect your long-term plans. While some factors like school districts and access to local amenities are outside of your control, there are still projects in and around your home you can do to give your home’s value a needed boost. One such home construction project is building a new garage. 

Building a garage provides you with a climate-controlled place to store your car — and depending on how big you make it, multiple cars — you add value to your home but increase its functionality. Whether you opt for a detached garage or an attached garage, you need a general contractor to handle the job quickly and efficiently. 

Change the Way Your Store Your Stuff

While home value and curb appeal are worthwhile endeavors, they can be fairly abstract concepts to wrap your head around. For homeowners struggling with finding space to store their belongings, it can prove frustrating. A newly constructed garage can provide you with a new area to safely and securely store your belongings. By organizing your newfound storage space, you can better maximize your available square footage and keep your home organized. 

Keep Your Construction Schedule on Track

Picking the right contractor has a significant impact on your garage’s construction. From the cost to build the structure to materials and ensuring you have everything you need for the residential construction project, you want a team with the experience and expertise to bring the project to life. Tribeca Masonry features expert contractors who have a wealth of experience bringing these types of garage construction projects to life. 

We can help you with our home-building projects! Our patio contractors are ready to help you transform your backyard into an outdoor paradise. 

Don’t wait another minute to get the attached garage of your dreams! Contact the Tribeca Masonry team to request your free quote today!


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